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UAE amends VAT penalty rules

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has distributed Cabinet Decision No. (49) of 2021, which revises Cabinet Decision No. (40) of 2017 on Administrative Penalties for Violations of Tax Law in the UAE. The corrections will be powerful from 28 June 2021.

The corrections by and large lessen the value-added tax (VAT) penalty for resistance. The main change is that taxpayers will this present time be given the opportunity to settle came up short on taxes before late installment Penalties are forced. The variable Penalties for rectifying documenting blunders through a willful revelation before the Federal Tax Authority (FTA) informs the taxpayer of a review have likewise been diminished. Be that as it may, the variable Penalties when an intentional revelation isn’t documented before a review warning has expanded. Taxpayers may likewise profit from a waiver of 70% of neglected Penalties if they meet specific conditions.

The alterations make a motivator for organizations to survey their noteworthy documenting positions and to willfully reveal any mistakes before they are informed of a review. Organizations ought to likewise audit any exceptional penalty to decide whether they can profit from help.

Under the current penalty rules, late installment punishments are determined from the date when the tax return needed to be documented. This brought about punishments of up to 300% of the essential VAT liability being forced at the time the VAT Amendment was surveyed.

The new guidelines address a critical change, as taxpayers will currently be given 20 days to settle any came up short on tax before late installment penalties will apply. The accompanying two situations ought to be considered to decide the due date from which the late installment penalties will be determined.

A taxpayer has paid not exactly the sum on its VAT return

  • The late installment Penalty will apply from the due date of the first VAT return.

Tax is surveyed following accommodation of an intentional divulgence or a Tax Assessment

The due date for the computation of punishments has been changed as follows:

  • 20 workdays following the accommodation of a deliberate revelation
  • 20 workdays following the receipt of a Tax Assessment

Variable punishment where a deliberate revelation is submitted/tax appraisal is gotten after the taxpayer is advised of a review by the FTA

There is a huge expansion in the punishments where a mistake is rectified after the taxpayer is advised of a review by the FTA.

Previous Penalty

  • 30% of the coming up short on tax after notice of the FTA review
  • half of them came up short on tax upon blunder found during an FTA review

New Penalty

  • half of them came up short on tax alongside 4% of them came up short on tax each month from the due date of the VAT return

The new Cabinet Decision allows the FTA the option to decrease neglected punishments by 70% subject to the accompanying conditions:

Authoritative punishments expressed in Cabinet Resolution No. (40) of 2017 were forced on a taxpayer before 28 June 2021 and have not been settled completely by that date.

The taxpayer, by 31 December 2021, pays the entirety of the extraordinary tax, alongside 30% of the absolute managerial punishments due yet has not paid before 28 June 2021.

The Cabinet Resolution doesn’t have any significant bearing on taxpayers on the off chance that they have effectively settled their punishments.

Other Penalties decreases

  • The punishment for late enrollment will diminish from AED20,000 to AED10,000.
  • The punishment for neglecting to present a deregistration application on time will diminish from AED10,000 to AED1,000 each month (covered at AED10,000).
  • The punishment of neglecting to show costs comprehensive of VAT has will diminish from AED15,000 to AED5,000.
  • The punishment for neglecting to give a tax receipt or tax credit note will diminish from AED5,000 to AED2,500.


The revisions make a motivator for organizations to survey their notable recording positions and to intentionally uncover any mistakes before they are informed of a review. For instance, if a taxpayer on 1 July 2021 willfully reveals a mistake in its June 2019 VAT return and pays the related tax within 20 days, there will be no late installment punishment and a 10% variable punishment will apply. Nonetheless, where the FTA issues an evaluation on 1 July 2021, this variable punishment would increment to 146%, with the understanding that the related tax will be settled within 20 days of recording of the deliberate exposures.

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