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The UAE Cabinet has as of late canceled and supplanted the Economic Substance Regulations (Cabinet Decision No. 31/2019) gave in April 2019 with the Cabinet of Ministers Resolution No. 57 of 2020 Concerning Economic Substance Requirements and its Directives under Ministerial Decision No. 100 of 2020 (“the New Regulations”).

The New Regulations give greater lucidity and needs organizations in UAE to be responsible and hence stay away from unsafe assessment rehearses.

Licensees needed to meet the Economic Substance Test

The New Regulations characterizes a Licensee as a substance that may be:

  1. a juridical individual (corporate legitimate substance with independent lawful character from its proprietors) joined inside or outside the State

2. an Unincorporated Partnership (restricted or general organizations enrolled in the State including the free zones or monetary free zones)

Branches enlisted in the UAE are viewed as an expansion of their “parent” or “administrative center” and thusly are not considered to have separate lawful character.

Furthermore, if a Branch of an unfamiliar substance does Relevant Activity in the State it is needed to consent to the UAE Economic Substance Regulations except if the Relevant Income is liable to burden in a ward outside the UAE.

A Licensee which does a Relevant Activity and infers Relevant Income over the span of Liquidation or twisting up is needed to fulfill with the arrangements of the New Regulations and present the Economic Substance Notification and Report. The Liquidators (or their same) should guarantee that the substance agrees to all prerequisites under the New Economic Substance Regulations.

The New Regulations has not presented any new rundown of exercises and the Relevant Activity list stays as beneath.

Banking Business

Protection Business

Speculation Funds Management Business

Rent Financing Business

Settle Business

Delivery Business

Holding Company Business

Protected innovation Business

Dissemination and Service Center Business

Notwithstanding, corrections have been made to the definition or extent of Distribution and Service Center Business and Intellectual Property Business.

The New UAE Economic Substance Regulation Update has additionally characterizes Relevant Income as all gross pay from a Relevant Activity that is recorded in the books and records of the Licensee or the Exempted Licensee under the bookkeeping guidelines pertinent thereto.

Administrative and Administrative Authorities

The Ministry of Economy, Central Bank, Insurance Authority, Securities and Commodities Authority, Free Zone Authorities (counting Financial Free Zone Authorities) are the Regulatory Authorities. These Regulatory Authorities are approved to:

  1. Gather the Notification and Economic Substance Report,

2. Audit the warning, report and supporting archives for rightness and guarantee fulfillment,

3. Evaluate whenever Exempted Licenses have submitted adequate data

4. Practice some other forces of capacities as needed to actualize the New UAE Economic Substance Regulations

5. Practice some other powers or capacities as might be needed to execute any choice of the Competent Authority or the National Assessing Authority

The Ministry of Finance has been named as the Competent Authority answerable for trade of data with Foreign Competent Authorities.

The Federal Tax Authority (“FTA”) has been designated as the National Assessing Authority and will do the accompanying capacities:

  1. survey and decide if a Licensee or Exempted Licensee has met the Economic Substance Test

2. force regulatory punishments as required

3. hear and settle on requests

4. give data to the Competent Authority

5. practice some other powers or capacities needed to execute the New Economic Substance Regulations.

Economic Substance Test

A Licensee doing the Relevant Activity is needed to conform to the “Economic Substance Test” and give the necessary data to the Regulatory Authorities.

The Economic Substance Test according to the Relevant Activity completed by the Licensee should fulfill the accompanying standards:

  1. the Licensee leads the fundamental Core Income Generating Activity (“CIGA”) in the State

2. the Relevant Activity is coordinated and overseen in the State

3. as to the Level of Relevant Activity in the State the Licensee should guarantee to utilize satisfactory number of qualified full time representatives inhabitant in the State, bring about sufficient working consumption in the State and have sufficient actual resources in the State

Where a Licensee has re-appropriated its CIGA to an outsider in the State, the License will have the option to screen and control this outsider’s usage of that movement.

At the point when a Licensee completes more than one Relevant Activity during a monetary year, the Licensee will be needed to exhibit Economic Substance as to each Relevant Activity

A Licensee isn’t needed to meet the Economic Substance Test in a Financial Year in which it has no Relevant Income.

An Exempted Licensee is needed to present a Notification to their particular Regulatory Authority for each Relevant Financial Year.

A Licensee doing the action of Holding Company has decreased Economic Substance prerequisites to be agreed

The FTA is dependent upon a long term impediment from the finish of the applicable monetary year to decide whether the Licensee has met the Economic Substance Test.

In any case, this restriction time of 6 years isn’t pertinent if the FTA can’t make assurance during this period because of gross carelessness, extortion or conscious deception by the Licensee.

Announcing Requirements

A Licensee that is needed to meet the Economic Substance Test will no later than a year from the finish of each Financial Year (beginning on or after 1 January 2019) plan and submit to the Regulatory Authority an Economic Substance Report.

Economic Substance Notification and Report

The New Regulations express that the Notification should be put together by the Licensee electronically inside a half year from the finish of the monetary year of the Licensee to the Regulatory Authority. Those Licensees who have just presented the Notification would be needed to re-present the Notification.

The Economic Substance Report will incorporate the accompanying data and archives concerning the Licensee for the applicable Financial Year:

  1. the Type of important action led

2. the Amount and kind of Relevant Income procured

3. the Amount and kind of working costs and resources in regard of the Relevant Activity

4. the Location of the business environment, property, plant or hardware utilized for the Relevant Activity

5. the Number of full time workers with capability and number of staff who are answerable for completing the Relevant Activity

6. the Core Income Generating Activity in regard of the Relevant Activity

7. the Financial Statements

8. a Declaration with regards to whether the Licensee fulfills the Economic Substance Test

9. on account of Intellectual Property Business, a statement with regards to whether it is a High Risk IP License

The Ministry of Finance is currently dispatching an Online Portal to encourage the electronic recording of Economic Substance Notifications and Reports alongside any remaining applicable data and archives.


The New Economic Substance Regulations have expanded the punishments and A Licensee may speak to the National Assessing Authority against any fines forced on it. Punishments include:

A fine of AED 20,000 for inability to present the Notification

A fine of AED 50,000 for inability to submit Economic Substance Report and a Fine of AED 400,000 for rehashing the infringement.

A fine of AED 50,000 for giving wrong data

As per the New Economic Substance Regulations, all organizations are needed to check if they fall inside the extension endorsed and appropriately actualize methodologies for consistence and plan for the warning and detailing necessities.

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